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What is Artificial Intelligence all about and how will it impact QA in the future? What will be the role of the QA professionals in the age of Machines and Artificial Intelligence? How do we prepare for a world "ruled" by Machines?

Artificial Intelligence is quickly becoming ubiquitous even as more industries begin to look for opportunities to influence human capital, operational costs, company revenues and customer experience via AI. The availability of huge amount of data and tremendous computing power (at reasonable cost) have expedited the adoption of machine learning to build much more intelligent systems, that can learn from data.  
Traditional approaches to QA involve the implementation of repeated "test" cases/tasks to ensure that the system or/and software conforms to explicit or/and implicit requirements and expectations. In some complex situations, the QA personnel's experience enables them to design and implement the right test framework to solve complex QA scenarios. 

We explore the history of Artificial Intelligence in this presentation and, "attempt" to paint a future where intelligent machines are more dominant across all sectors. The goal is to facilitate a discussion around what the QA profession will look like in a future that is "ruled by machines". 

The Age of the Machines - Artificial Intelligence and QA!

Tuesday, November 28, 2017
The Albany Club

91 King Street East, Toronto


Patrick Egbunonu is an Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics Enthusiast, Entrepreneur and Teacher. He completed his Undergraduate Degree in Chemical Engineering from Obafemi Awolow University, Nigeria, after which he worked briefly at PricewaterhouseCoopers and later as an Account Executive in a bank. He then completed a Masters Degree in Chemical Engineering, with specialization in Process Control, at Queen's University, Kingston, Ontario. Patrick worked briefly in an Engineering Company in Richmond Hill, Ontario before returning to Queen's to complete a Master of Arts Degree in Economics. He's  held leadership roles in the  Financial, Energy, Consulting,  Automobile and Data Science Industry. Most recently he was the Manager of Group Underwriting, New Business, Amendments and Analysis at one of the top Insurance Companies in Canada. In addition, he has two Master of Business Administration (MBA) degrees from Queen’s University, Kingston and, from Cornell University, Ithaca, New York. Patrick is currently the CEO of 1001Squared Artificial Intelligence, a social  enterprise he founded in 2017. 1001Squared AI's goal is to facilitate and advance the use of Artificial Inteligence applications to enhance education, especially in  underprivileged and under-served areas of the world.  Patrick is Professor and Program Coordinator of Business Analytics at St Lawrence College, Kingston. He also teaches Operations Management and Applied Management Science courses in the Laurentian University Degree program that is delivered through St Lawrence College. 

 He lives in Kingston with his wife, Cynthia, and three children - Samuel, Chioma and Amarachi